Syria – How the west hijacks demonstrations and orchestrates a pro-EMPIRE counter revolution.

First of all, to prove the necessity of the following article. Did you know about this?

or about this?

Media bias has reached a new level of insanity. If you didn’t know about this, you definitely need to take the time and read the following.

Syria, a religious melting pot.

A cultural & religious approach. Although 87 per cent of the syrian population are muslims one of Bashar al-Assad’s main policies is to uphold Syria as a secular state. Around 75 per cent of them are sunni. The remaining 25 per cent include shia, alevi and others. Although it is a predominantly muslim (sunni) state there aren’t any religious minoroties that are being oppressed or even prosecuted by the government as in other countries in that region. Actually Syria is a cultural & religious melting pot in which everyone can follow & practice their religion as free as in no other arab state. One reason for that may be that the syrian president, Bashar al-Assad himself is a religious minority, an alevi. Christians, jews and other religions can aswell practice their religion without the fear of being oppressed. Unlike in other muslim states, practically, punishment for homosexuality doesn’t exist anymore in Syria. Article 520 of the penal code considers it as an illegal act, but unlike in Saudi Arabia e.g. there is no remarkable prosecution anymore. That’s only one reason why Assad has gained much popularity and can easily be described as the most popular contemporary arab leader. The fundamentalist opposition in contrast is known for its homophobia.

In conclusion one has to agree that there is no religious & cultural freedom in the middle east as there is in Syria and from the narrative of muslim arabs, who strongly believe in Islam and don’t live in a “westernized” or western country it is pretty remarkable how his government managed to bring and uphold that kind of tolerance into an arab country.

Hafez al-Assad, Syria’s history & Bashar al-Assad

Counterpunch recently reported

“Also, a parallel can be made between Colonel Gaddafi’s authority and that of Hafez al-Assad (Bashar’s father). They rose to power during the same period and both made use of their intelligence and brutality to hold sway. Bashar al-Assad, on the contrary, did not seize power nor did he expect to inherit it. He accepted to fill the office of president when his father died because his older brother had perished in an accident and because only his family heritage could have prevented a power struggle among his father’s generals.

Although it was the army who went to look for him in London, where he was quietly practicing his profession as an ophthalmologist, it is his people who be-knighted him. He is undeniably the most popular political leader in the Middle East. Up to two months ago, he was also the only one who moved around without armed guards, and felt comfortable in a crowd.”

No doubt that Bashar al-Assad is far from perfect and Syria is far from what we could consider a model. No doubt that there are authentic demonstrations going on, pro-Assad aswell as anti-Assad. The main question we have to ask ourselves is why are there such protests, why pro & contra, why do we only hear about contra and what did the Assad rule since 1970 do for its people? Therefor the maybe most important part of this article is to understand Syria’s history. The best approach to understand the Assad rule i came across, is this one.

Syria’s Pandoran Box – Bashar Assad’s missed opportunities.

The destabilization/regime change of/in Iran, Libya, Syria was planned long ago

Why is the west all over Syria ?

On February 18, 2003 Haaretz reported the following:

“Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said yesterday that Iran, Libya and Syria should be stripped of weapons of mass destruction after Iraq. “These are irresponsible states, which must be disarmed of weapons mass destruction, and a successful American move in Iraq as a model will make that easier to achieve,” Sharon said to a visiting delegation of American congressmen.

Bolton said in meetings with Israeli officials that he had no doubt America would attack Iraq, and that it would be necessary thereafter to deal with threats from Syria, Iran and North Korea.

Bolton said the United States was striving to get a new UN Security Council resolution regarding Iraq and that the result of the vote would affect the U.S.’s relations with Western Europe and Russia, after the war in Iraq.

Bolton also met with Foreign Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Housing and Construction Minister Natan Sharansky.”

A year earlier, on May 6 2002, John Bolton, Undersecretary of State under George W. Bush came up with a project to simultaneously break up Libya and Syria. He called both states along with Cuba “The Axis Of Evil”. On a FOX News appearance in 2011 he said that the United States should have overthrown the syrian government right after they overthrew Saddam Hussein.

So obviously the plans to interfere in syrian internal affairs weren’t made yesterday. Now you have the so called “arab spring” which started with two revolutions that were based upon the masses & majority of people revolting against the regime. Ben Ali in Tunisia, aswell as Mubarak in Egypt have been very friendly towards the west, if not to say they were U.S. puppet states. Then the arab spring apparently reached Libya. The major difference between those “uprisings” was that in Egypt for example you could see the “made in USA” logo on the weapons used against the demonstrators. After Israel, Egypt was issued with more U.S. military aid than any other country . In Libya the so called rebels were issued by the west not only with weapons and other military equipment but they also had the largest army in the world, NATO, to bomb their way, killing thousands of civilians during the “revolution”. But that’s another story. The point is that the “syrian uprising” has absolutely nothing to do with the majority or even a notable minority of the syrian  population being upset with Assad’s “authoritarian regime” or “brutal regime” as the western media tries to portray it. The people engaged in overthrowing Assad are – of course – backed by the west but not to bring “democracy” but to destabilize Syrias stable cultural,religious & more or less political landscape.

From a United States’ imperialistic and hegemonic viewpoint there are several reasons why Assad’s Syria needs to be overthrown.

1. Close relations to Iran, Hezbollah and the palestinian resistance

2. Refusal of peace treaty with Israel, unlike Jordan & Egypt

Syria and the delusions of the western press

Here are several articles debunking the reliability and exposing the bias media reports on the so called massacres against his own people.

1 ) On April 15, Peter Lee wrote this for Counterpunch:

“On April 10, a mysterious and bloody incident occurred near the seaside town of Banyas, in Syria.

Nine members of a Syrian army patrol were shot to death and twenty five were wounded—the single bloodiest incident in the Syrian uprising to date.

Western news services largely ignored the incident and concentrated on reports of the army’s move to encircle and pacify Banyas.”

He then goes on:

“By a remarkable coincidence, the events in Banyas attracted the close attention of one of America’s chief Syria watchers: Dr. Joshua Landis of the University of Oklahoma.

Dr. Landis’ wife is Syrian, and her cousin, Lt. Colonel Yasir Qash`ur , was one of the two Syrian army officers who died in the incident.

In an April 13 post titled, “Western Press Misled:  Who Shot the Nine Syrian Soldiers in Banyas?” appeared Not Syrian Security Forces, Landis debunked the claims reported by Agence France Presse  and the Guardian.  He also highlighted the pathetic ordeal of one wounded soldier badgered by anti-government activists but denying that he had been shot by security forces—only to have the video go out on Youtube the West with the canard attached.”

On June 23, Thierry Meyssan for GlobalResearch reported:

The Gay Girl In Damascus

An amusing example is the case of the blog “Gay Girl in Damascus”, created on 21 February 2011. Edited in English by 25 year-old Amina, the website became a source of reference for Western media. Therein the author described the plight of a young lesbian under Bashar’s dictatorship and the day-to-day unfolding of the terrible repression unleashed against the revolution. As a gay woman, she garnered the protective empathy of Western web surfers who mobilized as soon as her arrest by the secret services of the “regime” was announced.

However, as it happened, Amina was a fiction. Betrayed by his IP address, a US 40 year-old “student” was discovered to be the real author of this masquerade. This propagandist, who was allegedly preparing a PhD in Scotland, recently participated in a pro-Western opposition conference held in Turkey, urging for a NATO intervention. He quite obviously did not attend in his capacity as a student

3) The principle of reality reversal

“Reality reversal is a principle being applied on a large scale. We may recall the United Nations reports on the humanitarian crisis in Libya alleging that tens of thousands of immigrant workers were fleeing the country to escape from violence. The conclusion drawn and spewed by the Western media was that the Gaddafi “regime” had to be toppled in favor of the Benghazi rebels. And yet, it was not the government of Tripoli who was responsible for this tragedy, but the so-called revolutionaries in Cyrenaica who were hunting down black Africans. Stirred by a racist ideology, they accused them of being at the service of Colonel Gaddafi and lynched whoever they could get their hands on.

In Syria, the images of armed groups perched on the rooftops and firing at random into the crowd or on police forces were broadcast on national television networks. Yet, these same images were relayed and used by Western and Saudi television channels to attribute these crimes to the government of Damascus.

Who are the syrian opposition and who backs/supports/funds them?

The following will show & expose the clear war agenda against sovereign Syria, orchestrated by the U.S. , Israel, Saudi Arabia in collaboration with the western media outlets and Al-Jazeera + Al-Arabiyah of course.

Anna Haq, for Counterpunch published an article called “The Complexities of Syrian Violence“, in which she also points out the syrian government’s mistake and  does not defend the treatment of the few “peaceful” protestors at all, but she points out something very important.

“Peaceful demonstrators are on the streets of different Syrian cities. They demand freedom, but they do so in the name of a majority that is not on those streets. Until April 22nd, these demonstrations did not exceed about fifty people at a time (in most cases, fifteen to twenty people would gather bravely). Mainstream journalists, perhaps buoyed by the Arab Spring, exaggerated the number of demonstrators (and perhaps tampered with pictures taken from pro-government demonstrations to make them seem anti-government gatherings) led the Syrian government to exclude all journalists. This was a bad decision. It meant that the reports coming out of Syria are mystifying; with the government’s own accounts always seen as suspicious while the anti-government accounts generally taken as truth.”

More Media Falsification & Manipulation

There is evidence of gross media manipulation and falsification from the outset of the protest movement in southern Syria on March 17th.

The Western media has presented the events in Syria as part of the broader Arab pro-democracy protest movement, spreading spontaneously from Tunisia, to Egypt, and from Libya to Syria.

Media coverage has focussed on the Syrian police and armed forces, which are accused of indiscriminately shooting and killing unarmed “pro-democracy” demonstrators. While these police shootings did indeed occur, what the media failed to mention is that among the demonstrators there were armed gunmen as well as snipers who were shooting at both the security forces and the protesters.

The death figures presented in the reports are often unsubstantiated. Many of the reports are “according to witnesses”. The images and video footages aired on Al Jazeera and CNN do not always correspond to the events which are being covered by the news reports.


Al-Jazeera’s sneaky role – again.

Without evidence, the reports suggest authoritatively that the police is shooting at the soldiers and vice versa the soldiers are shooting on the police. In a April 29 Al Jazeera report, Daraa is described as “a city under siege:

Tanks and troops control all roads in and out. Inside the city, shops are shuttered and nobody dare walk the once bustling market streets, today transformed into the kill zone of rooftop snipers.”

“Unable to crush the people who first dared rise up against him – neither with the secret police,  paid thugs or the special forces of his brother’s military division – President Bashar al-Assad has sent thousands of Syrian soldiers and their heavy weaponry into Deraa for an operation the regime wants nobody in the world to see.”

“Though almost all communication channels with Deraa have been cut, including the Jordanian mobile service that reaches into the city from just across the border, Al Jazeera has gathered firsthand accounts of life inside the city from residents who just left or from eyewitnesses inside who were able to get outside the blackout area.”

“The picture that emerges is of a dark and deadly security arena, one driven by the actions of the secret police and their rooftop snipers, in which soldiers and protestors alike are being killed or wounded, in which cracks are emerging in the military itself, and in which is created the very chaos which the regime uses to justify its escalating crackdown. (Daraa, a City under Siege, IPS / Al Jazeera, April 29, 2011)”

The Al Jazeera report borders on the absurd. Read carefully.

“Tanks and troops control all roads in and out”,  “thousands of Syrian soldiers and their heavy weaponry into Daraa”

This situation has prevailed for several weeks. This means that bona fide protesters who are not already inside Daraa cannot enter Daraa.

People who live in the city are in their homes: “nobody dares walk … the streets”. If nobody dares walk the streets where are the protesters?

Who is in the streets? According to Al Jazeera, the protesters are in the streets together with the soldiers, and both the protesters and the soldiers are being shot at by “plain clothes secret police”, by “paid thugs” and government sponsored snipers.

The impression conveyed in the report is that these casualties are attributed to infighting between the police and the military.

But the report also says that the soldiers (in the “thousands”) control all roads in and out of the city, but they are being shot upon by the plain clothed secret police.

The purpose of this web of media deceit, namely outright fabrications  –where soldiers are being killed by police and  “government snipers”– is to deny the existence of armed terrorist groups. The later are integrated by snipers and “plain clothed terrorists” who are shooting at the police, the Syrian armed forces and local residents.

These are not spontaneous acts of terror; they are carefully planned and coordinated attacks. In recent developments, according to a Xinhua report (April 30, 2011), armed “terrorist groups” “attacked the housing areas for servicemen” in Daraa province, “killing a sergeant and wounding two”.

While the government bears heavy responsibility for its mishandling of the military-police operation, including the deaths of civilians, the reports confirm that the armed terrorist groups had also opened fire on protesters and local residents. The casualties are then blamed on the armed forces and the police and the Bashar Al Assad government is portrayed by “the international community” as having ordered countless atrocities.

The fact of the matter is that foreign journalists are banned from reporting inside Syria, to the extent that much of the information including the number of casualties is obtained from the unverified accounts of “witnesses”.

It is in the interest of the US-NATO alliance to portray the events in Syria as a peaceful protest movement which is being brutally repressed by a “dictatorial regime”.

This article , although it had only been confirmed by Syrian state TV, reveals that two terrorists confessed that they fabricated news for Al-Jazeera & received money to buy weapons in order to attack security forces in Hama.

U.S. secretely funding syrian opposition, Wikileaks cables reveal

Follwing released Wikileaks cables, The Washington Post admitted that,

“the State Department has secretly financed Syrian political opposition groups and related projects, including a satellite TV channel that beams anti-government programming into the country, according to previously undisclosed diplomatic cables.

The London-based satellite channel, Barada TV, began broadcasting in April 2009 but has ramped up operations to cover the mass protests in Syria as part of a long-standing campaign to overthrow the country’s autocratic leader, Bashar al-Assad. Human rights groups say scores of people have been killed by Assad’s security forces since the demonstrations began March 18; Syria has blamed the violence on “armed gangs.” “

Saudi / Zionist involvement

Bassam Abu Abdulla, from the Al Watan news agency in Damascus’ reply to PressTV’s question “How’s the situation in Syria compared with other events taking place in the region?”

“Now, about the role of the foreign factors. Yesterday, I think, The Washington Post newspaper published that the United States Department of State supported the Al-Barada TV channel, a TV channel in opposition of Syria, paying them USD 6 million to secretly support some so-called opposition leaders.

I don’t trust these kinds of people who are living in Washington, Paris, or London.

The real situation is that because the Syrian position is against the American plans in the region and against Israel, and because Syria is supporting the resistance movements — generally, Hezbollah and Hamas [that are] against the American plans — the conspiracy against the US is continuing.

We are talking about different parties participating in these conspiracies. We can watch these different groups. The first group is the corrupted people inside Syria.

The second group is the Salafi group who is being supported by [Saudi Arabia's] Bandar bin Sultan, the American CIA and [Israel's] Mossad.

The third group is composed of some regional parties against Syria.

The fourth group is the Muslim brothers in London, and now they are in Saudi Arabia.

All these groups, besides the TV channels war, are working against Syria now. The Syrian government will soon face this situation because we are not talking about severe demonstrations, but we are talking about the Salafi group – those who speak a very strange language in the Syrian society and who want to divide the Syrian nation, which is a redline for all Syrians. Because of that we will soon see the Syrian government deal with them in another way.

Personal thoughts

The manufactured consent, especially the leftists & progressives support for western aggression against a sovereign country has dramatically changed since Libya. While the same people that opposed the complete operation against Iraq in 2003 were shockingly quiet about the NATO attacks on Libya and the violation of UN Resolution 1973 that called for the protection of civilians, not for regime change.

It was no secret that Saddam Hussein’s troops used terrible weapons in the war against Iran, aswell as against the kurds in his own country. Nonetheless the left & progressive completely opposed not even the NATO attacks on Iraq, but also the sanctions imposed that caused at least several hundred thousand civilian casualties. There was no question about wheter one has to decide to stand with Saddam or with the west. It appeared pretty obvious that the west’s interests had nothing to do with even caring about one single Iraqi, so the question was more to dedice wheter we let Iraq be imperfectly theirs or if it is going to be imperfectly ours. Ironically enough that we in the west claim to have the moral/political decision to make regarding what’s good or bad for a foreign, sovereign nation. Not only was it the west that issued Saddam the weapons & more or less forced him & his military to use them against Iran, but it was again us not only arresting him, bringing him to court & hanging him on a muslim holiday for exactly those crimes but all of this happened in context of the bloodiest & inhumane invasion since Vietnam.

Now the west is on a hunt for Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, obviously trying to kill him & his family as they did to Saddam. There’s not only no evidence that troops loyal to Gaddafi commited some kind of a mass murder or genocide against its own people, speaking of directly targeting ‘innocent civilians’ but there’s far more evidence, admitted & confirmed by the west and their media that NATO killed thousands of civilians in context of UN Resolution 1973. Furthermore we didn’t see a third to half of the Iraqi population getting out on the streets in solidarity & loyalty to their leader, as libyans did for Muammar Gaddafi & their system, the libyan arab Jamahiriya. The western media treats those people as unequal as their own people at home. While there were no remarkable reports on the 1.7 million people on Green Sqare on July 1st of 2011, the media only reported some small ‘rebel’ protests where – taking a closer look – you can hardly find any notable civilian support for the rebels, even in the videos & pictures provided by the corporate media. The same bias took place in the United States. When Minister Farrakhan & others spoke on the Millions March in Harlem in support for Gaddafi & libyan arab Jamahiriya no notable media outlet reported about it. Then again, when the Tea Party is holding a rally with a few thousand supporters it is all over the media, newspapers & magazines.

Now the west, along with his corporate media, with the support of Al-Jazeera & Al-Arabiyah is preparing for eihter a massive destabilization, if not even a war against Syria. President Assad now tries not to let any foreign, private media into his country. On first sight this may sound harsh for our understanding of democracy but – assuming Assad is an intelligent man – we, aswell as his government know what foreign media can do to you if the agenda is clear, which it obviously is. So, let me address the people in the west, who, like myself have the power to make other people aware of the current situation in Syria. Let’s for one second assume that those attacks on protestors have taken place, which i would totally condemn of course. Now, we must ask ourselves several questions.

Do we really want our tax money being spent on another war on a country in the middle east?

Why are we funding & therefor creating opposition movements all over the world, from Venezuela over Iran until Syria, and if the state fights back we try to call it “mass murder/genocide against its own people”?

Only imagine what happened in London if Syria or Iran would have issued the rioters/protestors with money & weapons to create chaos & destabilization in the streets of the UK. Regardless wheter you believe in the necessity of the people rioting there or not, the state has the right to – lawfully & righteously – prosecute the people who broke the law during the riots. So now, even in London, UK, the streets where David Cameron, Sarkozy’s partner in bringing “democracy” to the arab world is the current president, people have been killed, injured and in the outcome many were unlawfully jailed & prosecuted. One man even faces a 4 year prison sentence for a comment he made on Facebook encouraging people to riot. Only imagine if such happened in Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Syria etc.

Although undeniably, there is a need for reforms it is pretty obvious that there is absolutely no need for a regime change in Syria. The “freedoms” or “democratic changes” the peaceful protestors (which are only a small number compared to the US-backed salafists & other fundamental groups) demand will not at all be taken seriously by any possible oppisiton right now, so the syrian demonstrators should actually be very careful what they wish for, going out in the streets and demanding regime change instead of reforms. Bashar al-Assad should have used his large popularity to address his people and introduce reforms earlier than he did. No doubt there are some authentic demonstrations going out on the streets, but yet, neither any media outlet can prove wheter Assad is giving the orders or the combined Alawite dominated Security, Military, Ba’ath Party and the Shahiba thugs. Since he’s head of state he will be held accountable. The people who jump on the bandwagon of the syrian demonstrations similar to those in Libya should be very careful since we know way better now, now when it’s too late. Personally, i call upon the BRICS states to mediate & try to get a dialogue in that region, but the first premise would be complete western withdrawal, and by that i mean the western media bias, the intelligence, the Saudi, Qatari & of course turkish influence. There will never be an authentic revolution – backed by the west. If we learned one lesson from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Lebanon, Ivory Coast, Venezuela etc then to NEVER TRUST THE WEST, and as sad as it may sound, when people die, people die but then the BRICS states or the ALBA states should make demands and call upon Assad. How can you call for empire, which killed millions of arabs only in the first decade of the 21st century, to help you? Western double standars reached a point of insanity and we in the west must acknowledge  that we don’t care about any Syrian, nor do we care about any protestor who may have been shot, nor do we care about the level of freedom the syrians enjoy. It’s mainly about destabalizing the country & destroying the religious freedom, to once again promote fundamentalist religion in the region to cause & directly fund friction among muslim people. I’m actually not sure if the plans are to invade or bomb Syria. In my opinion the west will mainly focus on  managing to get regime change & establish an eliteist, fundamentalist religious government as Saudi Arabia to prevent a real arab uprising, based on unity against western imperialism. Iran, Syria & the Hezbollah are the remaining powers in the middle east that will never back down from their strong supporting & funding of the palestinian resistance to one day see the liberation of Palestine, the end of the zionist regime and the establishment of a state in which muslims, christians, jews, blacks, browns & whites can peacefully live together. Nonetheless an attack on Syria is very likely to happen. There is already an oil embargo and voices are calling louder and louder for a no-fly zone, what always led to air strikes or/and a ground invasion. The difference between Syria and Iran/Lebanon is that Syria won’t be able to defend themselves against NATO or Turkey as western proxy. The zionist regime already lost its war against Hezbollah in 2006 and, in my opinion, the west will never attack Iran by a military strike, not even a NATO attack because they know very well that Iran has the power to strike back and aswell attack the western metropolies as direct answer. So it is pretty obvious that empire’s next target is Syria.

The media-blocked protests in Israel are also an indicator of people recognizing the dirty war games their government is playing together with the west, the Saudis & their support from Al-Jazeera. I believe that israelis do not necessarily support their zionist regime, they are just being indoctrinated with fear and hatred against the palestinians which causes them to rather be quiet about their own governments crimes against the palestinians. The real revolution doesn’t start on the streets, but in the minds of the people, especially the young generation. If the majority of the “arab spring protestors” were aware of the geostrategic plans of the west and their real agenda in the region, not Libyans, Syrians or Iranians would see a necessity to rise up, but first of all the people in the gulf states would then see the dramatic need of getting rid of their western puppets in power when their natural resources make them the richest nations on earth. Only then, when Iran, the Hezbollah & Syria don’t face threats from the west anymore, there can seriously be talks about more democratic freedoms in those countries and if people outside of the Global South should be involved in it or not.

In the following days i will cover & write down some important issues about Turkey’s role as US proxy, the underestimation of the religious meaning of the Assad’s & the syrian opposition, reports from people who have visited the refugee camps in Syria and report what some voices directly from Syria & the Hatay region in Turkey, which formerly belonged to Syria, in which lots of  Syrians live say.

3 Antworten

  1. The “West” didn’t hijack anything. The fake revolutions were engineered by the zio-fascists from the ground up.

  2. [...] Syria – How the west hijacks demonstrations and orchestrates a pro-EMPIRE counter revolution. Veröffentlicht am September 5, 2011 von Daniele Puccio [...]

  3. Sad day ! for humanity in the world indeed
    when NATO countries invade soveriegn nations
    to force their phoney democracy on the citizens…
    just social slaves they have made their own citizens
    the richest most progressive countries got dumber than door nails
    all they can create over the years is war
    come on NATO countries use some imagination
    create real jobs for your citizens to replace those death squads
    the world watched to see the great changes
    and it turned out to be BIG Lies !

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