Lizzie Phelan – “The War on Libya is a War on Africa.”

Editors note (via Axis Of Logic)

Back in the UK, after several months spent in Libya testifies on the criminal war carried out by the US and NATO against the government and people of Libya. In this testimony she provides a very moving report of the heroism of the Libyan people defending their country against the invader. Their battle for independence and freedom from the western war machine and their mercenaries continues. Her images of walking about in beautiful Tripoli and the people before the bombing began in the darkness of the Tripoli which was forced to leave months later. They are images that have an impact on anyone who really listens to her. The outbursts of rage against her in some reader comments on YouTube demonstrate her power as a witness to the atrocities. Moreover, Lizzie gives a critiqué of the corporate/government media and the role they continue to play in support of these war crimes is damning. She tells us that there are no more independent journalists in the country to tell the truth of the genocide taking place in Libya today. Her words for President Hugh Chávez’ support for Libya and Col. Qaddafi re-affirm his courage and commitment to truth and justice in the face of western media condemnation. The one thing missing in the journalism of Lizzie Phelan is the self-promotion and self-importance that prevails among most who would be journalists on the left of the political continuum.



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