Libya – The Manufacturing of Consent [FULL EVENT]

A political and cultural event that focuses on the role of mainstream media which is fundamental to western plans for war against the countries of the Global South, most recently Libya. This event will be discussing what are our challenges in fighting against media that prepares audiences to accept wars of aggression.


Libyan resident of Sirte, returned from there recently

Merlin Emmanuel – founder of ‘Campaign for Justice’, nephew of Smiley culture and author (of the soon to be released book, ‘Generation X’)

Lizzie Phelan – independent journalist, who reported from Tripoli until the NATO takeover of the city

Sukant Chandan – political analyst and filmmaker, currently producing a doc-film ‘NATO war on Libya’

Chair: Iman Hussein


Sukant Chandan, Lizzie Phelan, Iman Hussein, Libyan from Sirte, Merlin Emanuel


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